Tell me about yourself in an interview or introduce yourself how to answer correctly ?

I share with you my experience with this famous hook question in job interviews and the tips and techniques to use to succeed in your interview and be in-demand by companies. And for the sake of simplification and practice I will give you a complete answer to said question. This answer concerns a career as an actuarial engineer, by way of example, but it can be intelligently adapted to your education and your profile. So let's start!

Introduce yourself ?

This is the first hook question a recruiter asks the first. Warning ! It is absolutely not a question of reciting your CV or detailing your experiences and academic background. Always try to respect the mode of exchange and communication with your recruiter. A duration of 40 seconds up to 1 min is recommended so as not to monopolize the speech for a long time.

There are mainly three mistakes to avoid:

  1. Recite your CV: this is not the goal since the recruiter has already had the opportunity to consult it.
  2. Tell your life story (marital status, lifestyle, etc.). An exception to this is if you are sure that you and your recruiter are from the same place and that the recruiter has a sense of belonging, then you can specify it to have that connection.
  3. Answer by heart: of course, you memorized the presentation almost by heart by dint of repeating it. But since this is the first question, you need to introduce yourself naturally as if a friend of yours is introducing you to someone else.

So to answer this question properly, keep in mind that your interviewer wants three things:

  • Who are you broadly? : training (engineer), years of experience (1 year in the field, 2 years in startups and 8 months in a small industrial group), main strengths.
  • What can you bring him as expertise and skills? You mention the differentiating points must be based on your professional, volunteer or project experience if ever you have less experience.
  • What do you want ? The worst for a recruiter is to offer a job to a candidate who refuses it or accepts it but then leaves. Thus, the recruiter must ensure that the position corresponds to the expectations and objectives of the candidate or exactly what the position is in line with the start of the career that the candidate is seeking. And be specific, because the more specific you are, the more you show the match between your personality, your skills and the position, the more the recruiter will be assured of your motivation and subsequently the chances that you will be recruited increase.

Finally, a correct and complete possible answer to present oneself is of the type:

Hello, I’m X. A newly graduated actuarial engineer from the National Institute of XXX.

I have a year and a half of actuarial experience since I worked six months in XXX as a consultant, six more months at XXX as an actuarial studies manager and finally six more months as a manager of automobile claim at XXX.

I find it very interesting to join your X team to grow and show added value since I am interested in the profession of actuarial consultant. My main asset is to analyze all types of data and identify useful information for my team and besides, I have already worked on several actuarial projects in collaboration with my institute and we can talk about it later ...

What I'm looking for now as a junior is learning the varieties of actuarial science and preparing for my actuarial designation afterwards in order to get recognized by the International Actuarial Association.


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