8 Tips We Learn From Billionaires About Business Development

Making happy customers: “There is no doubt that strategic and marketing plans and all the long-term plans are important, but we never forget to focus on bringing a personal touch in every sale, to make happy customers. None of your strategic planning is going to benefit you if you can't sell enough of your product at the end of the day.” Tej Kohli is a real estate investor and a pioneer in business software. Learn the lessons: “It is good to celebrate successes, but it is more important to learn important lessons from failures.” These are the words of Bill Gates, who learned early in his career that it's fun to celebrate accomplishments, but it's important to learn the hard lessons too, or else that's madness in his eyes.


There are no shortcuts “This is the recipe for success: get up early, work hard, you'll play with money.” This is the advice of Paul Getty, who has walked the traditional path to business success. Most people are looking for a shortcut to success, they want to get rich quickly, and even get depressed if they don't achieve wealth before they reach the age of thirty. Forget perfection “Do not think that you are a person who does nothing in his way and does not make fools, and do not think that perfection is the only way to run your business. Do not strive for perfection. Strive for success.” Eike Batista was troubled when things didn't go perfectly, but he discovered that in reality they would never be perfect, so he found that the key to the solution lies in the pursuit of success, not perfection.

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